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Best Organic Garlic
Best Organic Garlic


Certified Organic Farm


We have been growing high quality gourmet garlic for culinary use or planting since 2012 here in South Central Wisconsin. Our farm is Certified Organic, so you can be confident knowing our garlic is grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and is non-GMO. We are taking orders now for Fall 2023 shipping.

Best Organic Garlic
Best Organic Garlic
Best Organic Garlic

About Us

We are Louis and Kim Medina, owners of KnL Garlic; a small family farm located in South Central Wisconsin. After purchasing the farm in 2002 we began raising grass-fed black angus cattle and pasture-raised pigs and sheep. This all started with our kids raising animals and showing them at the county fair for 4-H!

We soon realized how much we love knowing where our food comes from and how it is raised. Our farm has been Certified Organic since 2016 and we are currently raising grass-fed Katahdin sheep and growing three great varieties of organic hardneck garlic. We are now taking orders for shipping in the Fall of 2022 for everyone to enjoy!

Growing great-tasting garlic for eating and planting is our commitment to our customers here at KnL Garlic. Each year we send garlic plants to the University of Minnesota to the plant disease clinic to be tested for nematodes or any diseases. Check out the latest Plant Disease Report Here.

“It is critical that we know where our food comes from; that it is chemical-free and non-GMO for ourselves and our customers.”

— Kim & Louis Medina, KnL Garlic

Our Farm

To ensure sustainable and regenerative farming practices on our farm we are dedicated to the following:

  • We are a “minimal-till” farm.

  • We rotate various cover crops for soil health

  • We practice crop rotation and rotational grazing

  • We only use organic fertilizer for crop production

  • We use various organic grass mixes as quality forage for our sheep

We strive to ensure that we are practicing sustainability by giving back to Mother Earth more than we take. We are soil farmers first, and our goal is to leave the soil in the best condition we can for future generations.